MM Holiday Guide: Capsule Packing

Here at Majestic Man, we know it’s stressful packing to go away on holiday,

so we got in touch with local North East blogger, Gianni Casagrande. This lad covers Lifestyle, Fashion & Grooming Blogger. He also has a full-time job as a Social Media Manager at Visual Soft. You can find him over at his blog.
As a busy but fashionable blogger we wanted his top tips for packing, Majestic Man have asked him 5 quick, fire questions to hear exactly what he thinks…
Gianni Casagrande

1. Why do you think capsule is a good idea?

Gianni: Capsule packing makes your holiday a whole lot easier and convenient! There’s nothing worse than lugging a heavy suit case around the air port, so I tend to pack light with some key, staple, versatile pieces that I can create multiple looks from.

2. What top tips do you have for capsule packing for men?

Gianni: Think about what you’re doing and where you will be going! Will you be waking up mountains, having dinner at luxurious restaurants, lounging on the beach? Your itinerary is the key to building your capsule suitcase.

3. What are you essentials on holidays?

Gianni: Black jeans are a must! You can dress them up, dress them down. Always pack some plain t-shirts and some plain shirts. I love a good white shirt as you can use this for a formal dinner, or pair with some shorts for a causal day look.

4. What must have clothing/accessories should men have for SS17?

Gianni: I’m seeing a lot of greys, navy’s and whites this summer! I try to keep an eye on Pinterest to search and get inspiration for this seasons holiday looks.

5. As a blogger, you must have a pretty hectic life, being organised is key! We think 15 is a good number to pack for capsule packing. What are your thoughts on this?

Gianni: 15 is perfect, and allows so much room in your case for the goodies you want to bring back from your holiday! I LOVE to shop on holiday, so i need all the space I can get. Remember! Put your socks in your shoes, fold your boxers in your trousers and your toiletries around the gaps! Remember to roll your t shirts and iron your jeans folded! These are my space-saving tips.

Love tips like this and want to know more about Gianni? You can follow over on his Twitter!

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