Day in the life of: Award winning hair stylist, Sam Wall

Imagine being surrounded by models all day and getting paid for it?

Sounds like your dream job? For Sam Wall it’s a reality that he lives daily… Sam Wall, an award-winning hair-stylist is a man of many talents, from working on fashion photo-shoots to working in Harry B’s salon. Majestic Man spoke to Sam Wall to get an insight on a typical photo shoot and to see what actually happens behind the camera…

8am – Double check that all equipment needed is prepared. Drop my team a confirmation text to make sure everyone is still ok for the shoot ahead.

9am – Drive to location leaving enough time for traffic or any other factors that could make you late

10am – Introduce my whole team to one another. Amongst my team there is Myself, Photographer, Videographer, MUA, Stylist, Models, and a few assistants to help me out throughout the day.

10.30am – Set up all equipment and have a team brief to discuss the mood board which would have been previously arranged. Discuss with the team what needs to be done within certain time restraints.

11am – Start working on the hair whilst the rest of my team get started on the job in hand.

12pm – Some Models will have been complete so I will then pass over to the photographer and let the shoot commence

12.30pm – Confer with the photographer/videographer and direct them if needed. (I have a solid team that I trust so direction from myself is kept minimal)

1pm – Shoot the final models whilst having some fun.

1.30pm – check over final content with my team to make sure we have “the shot”

2pm – Pack up all equipment and take the team out for a luscious meal

Overall sounds like a hectic, but fun day for this lad. We love hearing career insights from local lads, if you would like to follow Sam’s cool lifestyle, you can find at ‘mrsamwall’ on all of his social media accounts.

Twitter: @mrsamwall

Instagram: @mrsamwall


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