Jo Leversuch on male make-up “Society and culture are changing and it’s more acceptable”

Jo Leversuch, a celebrity make up artist has a wealth of knowledge under her belt about the world of make-up.

Men hear the word make-up and instantly think of their other half, in 2017 men are still scared of the idea of make-up and the outcome some make-up can give.

Jo says: “I started 20 years with Lancome and 6 years ago I set my own business up and have created my name and brand within the industry.”

Jo has worked with famous faces to catwalk models, so we are in good hands! Jo raves about a brand that is not only local but does not look like make-up at all. Winner! Jo works with north-east brand, Veil cover cream, which was originally for burn victims. The cream is perfectly for concealing spots to uneven skin tone, she describes the cream as “truly a hidden gem.”

We wanna know more about this cream, we know men don’t want to look like they have any make-up, which is understandable. You don’t want to be wearing more than your other half, but this doesn’t mean you miss out on feeling good about yourself. We know this is a pretty big deal to many men who might not be comfortable in their own skin but are not comfortable enough to head to a make-up counter, Jo says: This is extremely tricky for men as the make-up has to be applied with a gentle approach! And most men are heavy-handed so Veil Cover Cream is perfect as it can be applied natural and they wouldn’t know.”

So now we know what to use, but how do we put it on?! Jo states: “As Veil Cover Cream is waterproof. I would recommend Veil Cover Cream and to apply this with a slightly damp sponge and to conceal a spot to use a small cotton bud and pin point the areas that need covering.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 22.42.49.png

So alongside make-up, is a good skin routine REALLY needed?! Sadly, yes us men don’t turn into greek gods over night without one. Jo says: ” A good skin routine is vital as skin is the largest organ and we must look after it.  I would highly recommend that if you wear make-up to make sure you double cleanse the skin and never ever sleep with make-up on.   Protect the skin from the sun and the damage it causes. Although city life, pollution, stress, computers, and modern-day life is affecting the skin in the modern-day we are living in.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 22.42.58.png

We hear you Jo! We know for models, good skin is there paycheck. They need to keep it in tip-top condition for work, we speak to male model, Antony Impey he says: “I’d consider a good skin care regime essential for any man, regardless of age. As for as brands, I’m especially fond of Nuxe Melting Cleansing Gel super gentle on the skin, and pretty well priced. Moisturiser wise, I just use cold pressed coconut oil. Seriously, I swear by it”



Well now you know a male models secret skin routine, what are you waiting for?! Joking aside, models are just regular guys that have skin problems just like the rest of us. Jo says: “Models are tired, jet lagged and overworked. Models are like us “ normal” and have every day issues from spots, acne, eczema, psoriasis so I have to be aware of making sure the skin is perfect before make-up is applied.”

It’s good to hear that models deal with problem skin too, but why are men still ashamed about talking and wearing the odd spot of concealer? It’s a taboo that many men don’t want to face, although with the help of social media. Men are now more accepting of new trends emerging and are eager to try them out for themselves, Jo says: “Men are becoming more aware of their own personal appearances because of social media and the pressure of looking good as well. Society and culture are changing and it’s more acceptable.”

Thankfully through so much interaction we all have, we all collectively talk more which breaks the mould and hopefully makes feel more relaxed in their own skin, we are all not all blessed with good genes, so if you do need help in that area. Remember, a good skin routine and invest in some make-up that will conceal not mask your problems. It’s vital to keep it real and remember were only human.

Jo’s make up work put under pressure in this American Crew advert –

Photo credit: Jo Leversuch & Antony Impey

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