MM Real Life: Do men’s health supplements really work?

The idea of better skin through taking a tablet twice a day for 30 days is an interesting concept, here at Majestic Man we thought we would try them out.

We chose Vitabiotics Wellman ‘Health & Vitality’ for skin health. We bought a packet in Boots for £18.99.

We tested the tablets on the recommended age range which was 40+. The tablets boast they include specific micronutrients, nutrients for the production of collagen. Our Majestic man guinea pig was, Shaun Porter, 49. Here at Majestic Man we don’t things by half, so we kept a diary to keep you lot all informed. Here are the results…

Shaun Porter thought’s on the tablets before testing them out: “Health supplements are always something I’ve looked at but never thought they worked, so didn’t take the chance on them!”

Day 1 : 22.3.17 I have to take 2 capsules once a day with my main meal, not much to report as you may guess suffice to say the capsules themselves smell earthy but don’t leave any unpleasant taste or aftertaste.
Day 2 : 23.3.17 “Just taken 2 capsules they are quite big, just as well I’ve got a big mouth.”
Day 3 : 24.3.17
Day 4 : 25.3.17
Day 5 : 26.3.17
Day 6 : 27.3.17 “Not a lot to say, getting used to taking the capsules everyday.”
Day 7 : 28.3.17 “I think I can notice a difference on my skin and think it feels softer, I’ll monitor the situation.”
Day 8 : 29.3.17
Day 9 : 30.3.17
Day 10 : 01.4.17 “Definitely a difference and i can feel a softness on my skin.”
Day 11 : 02.4.17
Day 12 : 03.4.17 “Feeling good.”
Day 13 : 04.4.17
Day 14 : 05.4.17
Day 15 : 06.4.17
Day 16 : 07.4.17
Day 17 : 08.4.17 “No doubt, I can feel a change.”
Day 18 : 09.4.17
Day 19 : 10.4.17
Day 20 : 11.4.17
Day 21 : 12.4.17
Day 22 : 13.4.17
Day 23 : 14.4.17 “Still feeling a difference.”
Day 24 : 15.4.17
Day 25 : 16.4.17
Day 26 : 17.4.17
Day 27 : 18.4.17 “Not many capsules left.”
Day 28 : 19.4.17
Day 29 : 20.4.17
Day 30 : 21.4.17
Day 31 : 22.4.17 “Well that’s it, I’ve finished the pack and I can say I was very sceptical anything would happen. However I will admit I can definitely feel a change and my skin certainly feels softer and moist.”


Thought’s after the tablets: “The only thing I would say is that beforehand I would have been very sceptical of them and would have thought they would be some sort of gimmick and not be of any real benefit. However now they I’ve taken them and actually experienced it for myself i can’t deny that they do work and that I physically felt a difference in my skin.”

Would you ever invest in tablets after hearing this review? We wanna know!

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