MM meets Jack Low: Are you man enough to wear Pink?

“Pink isn’t a colour a lot of people wear, I think that’s why I like to wear it” We meet Jack Low again for the last time for our three-part style series on the lad.

On the agenda today is the colour Pink, many man don’t like or won’t even wear the colour, but Jack Low isn’t miffed by the colour at all.

“I would say girls like when boys wear pink, it shows that they’re confident in not caring what people say about them” Strong views, rightly so, it’s 2017.

Pink used to receive a mixed bag of reviews, views are changing, asking if Jack has had any comments on him wearing pink he states: “I can only remember one comment to be honest, I was told one of my pink jackets was ‘far too cool’. As far as I can remember, I’ve never had any negative comments about wearing it”

The colour that had many taboos surrounding it but like any fashion, it comes back in trend and men become confident wearing the colour, Jack says: “I wouldn’t say there is a taboo on men wearing pink anymore, a lot more menswear brands are releasing pink products. I would say some people are just too worried about what others might say about the way they dress. I think men stand out when wearing pink as it’s very rare to see someone actually wearing it.” The truth in the matter is that men either don’t know how to style the pink in a way they don’t end up looking like the Pink Panther, if styled correctly a lot of men would be shocked with the outcome.

Last week we looked inside Jack’s wardrobe, we found ALOT of Stone Island but what about the colour Pink? Jack states: “I own 15 pink pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories” Impressive, although Jack clearly likes the colour it isn’t his first port of call, “Black is my favourite colour. Pink isn’t a colour a lot of people wear, I think that’s why I like to wear it. Rather than wearing the same colour than everyone else, it is good to stand out sometimes.” Majestic man agree, we don’t like to follow the herd.

Jack, clearly the fashion forward las isn’t influenced easily by all the celebrities wearing the colour he says: “I don’t really have any celebrities who have influenced my style”.

The problem that crops up for many men who wear the colour or want to wear the colour that they don’t know how to wear, Jack says he: “As usual, I wear pink with just black clothes with a pink jacket usually. On the odd occasion I’ll swap out the black jeans for a pair of olive chino’s” Keeping it simple tones if how to pull this colour off, check out our pictures of Jack pulling it off and giving some insight into what his favourite pink picks are.

Although it may be a difficult colour to wear, more and more men are trying their hand at the colour we asked why it has become so popular he says: “I think Stone Island really set off the pink trend, you would never really see much people in pink a few years ago. But Stone Island’s pink items seem to be extremely popular, and I have seen a rise in the amount of people who wear pink since they started the colour again.”

Clearly brands who design simple coloured products are attractive to lads who want to be stylish and wear the on-trend brands.

Now, it comes who wears the colour better? Lasses or lads? Jack’s answer might answer our question whether he is man enough for the colour… He says: “I think say men wear pink better, it’s just usual for women to be wearing pink nowadays. When men wear it, if they wear it with the correct stuff, they can pull it off better than women.”

You heard it here first, the top three things to remember is to keep it simple, wear tonal colours to keep it looking collected and not scattered. Lastly, don’t be shy wearing it.

Keep up to date with Jack’s style over on his Instagram

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