MM meets Jack Low: “My Stone Island collections costs over 4k”

We speak to Jack Low, who we introduced the last week with his mega sneaker collection with included 90 pairs and counting.

Yeah, we’re pretty jealous too! This week we get amongst his wardrobe and discover his huge Stone Island that stacks up to a total of over 4k in the popular street wear brand.

Stone Island has been round a while, founded in 1915 By John. P, it has come a long way. It’s an italian premium men’s apparel brand from Ravarino, famous for its compass patch that buttons onto the upper sleeve of the left arm. In the past decade it has been reformed by street wear individuals and stylish new campaigns re-branding the business. It has went from the lads in the football factory to uber cool lads you see on Instagram that wear only one colour, you know them, you follow them and secretly want to dress like them.

Jack Low is one of those Instagram lads that do the brand justice, he says: “I got my first piece in December 2013, it took me months to get my second piece. I bought pieces on the odd occasion, but since Stone Island became popular in the street wear scene last year, I have started to buy more of that, and less of brands like Supreme.”

Over the four years Jack’s collection now racks an impressive 4.7k, his interest in the brand all started “about 2013, my first piece was a grey soft shell-R jacket” fast forward to 2017, Jack says: “I now currently own 17 Stone Island pieces, this includes things like Nylon Metal jackets and Red Weft jackets.” Impressive for a 16-year-old lad, it goes to show that age does not matter when it comes to style.

In the pictures Jack’s wardrobe shows an array of colours in Stone Island but this lad likes to keep things simple when he styles his Stone Island collection, he says: “most of the time I just throw on a pair of black Old Skool Vans, black jeans, black t-shirt and whatever colour of Stone Island.” At the end of the day you don’t want too much fuss, when you want to keep all the focus on the fresh pieces.

Stone Island isn’t available everywhere, as Jack lives in Dundee, he can only ever cop Stone Island when he is in bigger city’s, he says: “when I go down to places like Glasgow, Manchester or London with my family I will usually get them there.”

Clearly Jack and his mates aren’t fazed by the attention the brand brings, when he is asked what his friends think of his collection, Jack simply replies saying his friends think his collection is: “nothing special. Where I’m from, there are lots of people who collect Stone Island.”

Jack gets a hold of his collection of Stone Island from shops like Selfridge’s, Cruise to 18 Montrose. Nearly all of Jack’s collection has all been bought brand new, but he says: “if I were to see a piece that I’m after and it was second-hand, that wouldn’t bother me.”

Here’s an insight into his collection, if you’re wanting regular updates from the man himself, you can follow him over on Instagram



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