MM meets Jack Low: “I’m addicted to buying trainers, I have 90 pairs & counting”

Style is a big part of many men’s life’s, here at Majestic Man we speak to Jack Low, 16 who lives in Dundee who we are featuring in our style three-part series around to get an insight about his style and why trainers matter to him.

In our first interview with Jack, we speak about his trainer collection. He says: “I’ve always been into trainers, but the first time I realised I owned a lot was roughly April 2013, back then I had about 30 pairs”

“Now, I currently have 90 pairs of trainers on display” He says.


Although the sneaker head admits: “I don’t buy shoes to resell for profit, but I’m able to keep buying more as every few months, I sell of lots of pairs I no longer wear”.

With 90 pairs, you would think it would be difficult to pin point your favourite brand but Jack knows exactly what his and why it is his favourite, “For me it has to be Asics, I don’t really know why, there isn’t a massive hype about them like Adidas, I think that’s why I like them so much. Asics are a lot more limited than Adidas, so you don’t see that many people in their collaborations which is good”

Being original is clearly important, a lot of people buy into brands because their in fashion, but if you have style, you will be able to tell what will stay and what will go out of fashion.

Jack makes a good point about this, “I’m not the biggest fan of new releases, the only pair I’ve waited long for was the ‘OG’ NMD that re-released in January. I was a fan of the model since it first released, but couldn’t justify the resale price, so I waited over a year for them to restock, I grabbed 2 pairs of them. That is the only new release I can think of, I’m mostly a fan of older releases.” Proving this lad has style.

Apart from the fact that trainers aren’t cheap when they aren’t limited edition they can cost quite a bit, Jack owns a selection of many including trainers that accumulate to an eye watering amount… He says, “I would estimate my collection at about roughly £10k”. This has set the bar pretty high for sneaker lovers who claim to own a worthy enough collection.

Obviously we want to know what his most expensive pairs are in his trainer collection, Jack says, “In terms of retail price, my Y-3 ZG Knit are the most expensive (£230), in terms of resale, my Ronnie Fieg x Asics ‘Cove’ Gel Lyte iii are the most expensive (£750) a total of 225 pairs of these were released, and I have one of the last brand new pairs in the world.” Feeling jealous? I know we are, apart from owning a collection that’s worth 10k, he has some of the most wanted trainers in the sphere of limited edition trainers.

Clearly Jack knows his trainers, he admits to choosing trainers when getting dressed is his first port of call in the morning, he says: “Shoes are the first thing I decide on when picking an outfit, I usually just wear black clothes with a jacket/bag/hat that matches the colour of the shoes.”

Jack is getting noticed on social media platforms such as, Instagram for his ‘shoe wall’ that he has created in his bedroom, which followers believe that Jack is in a shoe shop. He says: “It wasn’t really my goal, but stacking all the boxes began to get very messy, boxes got damaged and every day or so they would topple over. It was just a lot easier buying shelves and displaying the shoes. The ‘shoe wall’ has grabbed me a lot of attention through social media, places like Epsilon Magazine also interviewed me on my collection after seeing it.” It’s clear to see why, pretty damn fly, check it out in our slide show.

It must be exhausting work keeping on top of such a shoe collection, we ask if this life goal to carry on collecting but he admits: “One day I will have all of the pairs I want, so there will no longer be a need in continuously buying and selling shoes. I want to stay in the trainer scene for as long as possible, the amount of new people I have met through it is unbelievable.

Want to know more about Jack? Next week we will be let into Jack’s wardrobe, which include a hefty price tag of Stone Island.

Follow him over on Instagram to get some serious shoe inspiration.

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