Majestic Man Grooming: The Skincare Edit

Here at Majestic Man we know the importance of skin, it’s the first thing you notice about people.

So we’ve rounded up the BEST skin care products you need to know about, they include golden oldies to fresh new products that may have you swaying from your non-existent skin routine. We hear ya’ you need to hurry in the morning and have no time, some of these products you can put on before you hit the hay and be looking fresh as hell the next morning, there’s no excuse for bad skin these days. Check this edit out and click-through to buy if any take your fancy…

IMG_5428 treated


  1. Dior Savage is the scent for the summer, it has a fresh scent that make’s it smell like no other aftershave you’ve ever owned, it’s definitely worth a go.
  2. Schwarzkopf Got2Be ‘glued’ hairspray is the kind of hairspray that your girlfriend will try to steal, there’s a reason why it has so many rave reviews about it!
  3. Garnier Pure Active daily scrub is a new product on the scene which features Salicylic acid and purifying zinc to fight off oily skin and blast off your blackheads along the way.
  4. L’oreal Hydra Energetic shower gel is the first shower gel that L’oreal has created which includes Taurine. This ultimate ingredient, packed with vitamins, provides an energetic and explosive sensation when applied on skin. A shot of energy to provide men with the perfect morning pick-me up, long gone were the days of nicking your mam’s original source mint shower gel!
  5. Sudocrem is a product which some of you might be raising your eyebrow at, but stay with me… there’s a reason why this wonder product is still going. It’s brilliant for acne as it has antiseptic healing properties, you might recall this product to get rid of nappy rash but it is actually good for spots too. All you have to do is apply it on your face at night and the acne will go in no time.
  6. L’oreal Pure Clay wash is a new product on the market, there’s three in the range, but this detox foam is the one to go with. It’s perfect after you’ve had a big night out and the next day your face is red and puffy, even if you aren’t feeling tip-top, your skin will definitely will be.
  7. Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’ aftershave is an absolute classic, you used to soak yourself in the scent back at school to impress girls. You knew you had it on and probably the whole of the school of did too with the amount on. But, the scent is a classic never the less. This time just a few sprays will do if you actually want to attract women.
  8. Nivea Gel Face Wash is part of a hefty range that Nivea do for men, this is perfect for every day use. It’s lightweight and really does do what it says on the tin, your skin feels fresher and tighter after one wash.
  9. Nivea Cool Kick Anti-perspirant Deodorant is the one you need for summer, it gives you that tingle feeling and makes you sweat free, win win.
  10. Nivea Skin Revitaliser Face Cream is that type of moisturizer that you’ve been looking for with the low price tag. This face cream is an absolute must, it come’s in a handy size so adaptable for travelling and works wonder on tired skin, we know how it is!

If you try any of these Majestic Man top 10 picks, let us know over at our twitter page!



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