The three suits you need in your life this year!

Suits, you might not need them everyday or you might already wear them everyday. They’re certainly in every man’s wardrobe, here at Majestic man HQ, we’ve narrowed down the three times where a man needs a suit.

The three included,

  1. The Job Interview – This goes without saying, you might already have a trusty job interview suit in your wardrobe, but your body and style changes through time. So instead of trying it on the night before the job interview and seeing how ill-fitting it actually is on your now, see how Majestic man have styled this suit from Woven Durham. You want something smart and fashionable, but you don’t want to take the focus of yourself to an odd suit. We choose the ‘The Grateful Thread’ Electric three piece blue suit. (Waistcoat option able depending on the job role) This retails at: £150. Affordable and on-trend suit. We paired this with a Marnelli purple & white gingham shirt retailing at: £79. Although it is on the pricey side, it could change-up your casual looks so gives it a dual purpose. If a plain shirt is your kind of deal, a plain light purple shirt would work well with this suit. To finish off the look, instead of a tie, why not use a pocket square to be the cherry on the top of this look? We’ve picked this Paisley Knightsbridge Blue, Silver & White pocket square, which costs: £15._MG_0352.jpg
  2. The Wedding Guest / The Races – You want to look the bee’s knee’s, if you’re at wedding or at the races with your other half or the lads, you want to look the part and stand out from the crowd. It’s all about not trying too hard, pick a colour your comfortable with, for example, blue. Experience with patterns, check, striped? Book an appointment to see what looks right and then compliment the suit with a fancy tie and pocket square. We choose the Remus Uomo Blue Check Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit, which retails at: £349. It’s a more expensive style suit, but this suit could be re worn at weddings, christenings to the races. Pair it with Marnelli’s Sky Blue Patterened Cotton Shirt coming in at £89. In this photo we’ve paired it with a floral tie & pocket square, but, a Knightsbridge Knitted Mustard Tie for £35 and a contrast Peckham Rye London patterened pocket square for £33 would compliment and give enough contrast to make your get up look above the cut. _MG_0227.jpg
  3. Graduation / Job Promotion – This is where expense is spared, this day is ALL about you. Whether it’s your graduation or you’ve just landed yourself a job promotion and need a suit to celebrate. This Van Gills Easton Slate Double Breasted 2 Piece Suit is the one, retailing at £499, it is the most expensive option but you can all see why. If it your graduation you may want to go all out and wear the suit pants, why not, but if you’re wanting to dress down this suit, ‘chino’s are the perfect option. Key to this is to match your chino colour to your tie and pocket square. You can still add a touch of your personality in the tie and pocket with patterns and prints. We would choose this Knightsbridge Burgundy Tie for £35 with Knightsbridge Burgundy & White Spotted Pocket Square for £15._MG_0150.jpg

Love these looks?! Let us know over at our twitter – @_Majestic_Man_

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