Couple in Airs on World Air Max Day

Around the world, Nike Air Max are a sneaker that’s a favourite for style and comfort. Among many things the love of a trainer can bring people together, fashion is kind of magic like that.

Majestic man speak to sneaker loving couple, Harry Dyson, 22 and Nina Parry, 20. The couple started wearing Nike Airs at the age of 16 and continue to wear them in a range of colours and styles.

It all started when Harry was looking for prom shoes and bought a purple pair of Air Max to go with his suit and Nina admits it started so long ago she can’t remember.

Asking the couple why they love this brand, it was clear that the trainers bring the ultimate comfort for the two ravers. Harry says: “They’re real comfy trainers that can handle the rave and look sexy.” Similar to Harry, Nina says: “They go with everything but honestly the bounceyness when I’m out is everything.”

“I think subconsciously it has brought us closer together” Nina says, she continues to say: “I think we both wear Air Max, it was bound to happen.”

Harry says: “We’ve never worn His and Her’s Air Max but we go out wearing Air Max together”

Air Max Day was introduced by Nike in 2014. This holiday, created to celebrate Air Max and its vast history, every year the holiday falls on March 26th, with special releases commemorating the day.

But, it was in 1979 when Nike introduced their air cushioning technology by embedding air cushioning in the midsoles of its running shoes, it changed the way athletes approached and reacted to athletic performance forever. Eight years later, as Nike continued to bring the latest scientific discoveries to footwear design, the Nike Air component became larger – meaning greater cushioning and comfort.

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