3 Hair concerns all men have & how to tackle them!

Your girlfriend fusses over which shade they want to dye it next or what hair cut they’ll go for next, but us men on the other hand have it very different.

Hair is that one thing that make your confident soar so when it starts to go limp or starts to receed we need professional help, if they can’t help who can?!

We speak to hair stylist, Chris Waugh who cuts men hair day in and out, he knows his stuff and we asked him the top three hair concerns to see what his advice is.

The first concern is thin and limp hair, what should they do?

“So I’m going through this scenario at the moment, I’ve been reading, researching anything and everything I can and I used Nioxin to serioxyl. Phillip Kingley is fabulous and Kerastase is fabulous but they all do the same thing. There is nothing that makes the hair grow back yet, not legally yet. There is only products that create an optimum environment on the scalp for the hair that remains to grow healthy and be stronger than what it was before. There is cosmetics for the hair which create the illusion of thicker hair. Nioxin do some fabulous products, Kendra, Redkin. I’ve used it all. My personal favourite is Nioxin, its fantastic”.

Secondly, the hair-line is receding, what should they do?

“I would start a course of anti hair loss products, Nioxin do six different systems, they have a really easy prescription service online, you just google search Nioxin, the rest is really self-explanatory. You just have to enter your hair density type, your hair texture and what your main concerns are. Is your hair treated, is it virgin hair and it’s really easy these days and you can just google shop Nioxin in the internet age and get it for a really good price”.


Lastly, our third concern is dry/flaky hair, what advice would you give to men to control that?

“As a personal favourite line of products of mine, for this exact concern is Kerastase  defoliant, it comes in both oily and dry shampoos, their fabulous. It’s a little bit more expensive than your average salon shampoo but its more of a prescription shampoo that you can buy straight from your salon”.


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