First impressions count right? “I came in steaming and they offered me a job”

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First impressions are said to be the way you can excel yourself into a job or loose it.

In this instance, Chris Waugh got the job as a hair stylist at the Junkyard hairdressers in Newcastle, admitting the career of hairdressing was not thought out career choice but somehow everything fell in to place organically.  “I was never very academic and I wanted to do something that would surprise everyone around me, then something clicked in my head and I just wanted to do it and the idea seemed amazing”.

“It’s my friends salon, who I went to school with. It is Kayla the photographer, we were in the same class for years. I actually been to the wedding at the Vermont and I was half cut walking up dene street and noticed them inside decorating and came in streaming and they ended up offering me a job and it went from there really”. Talk about a lucky break!

Careers in cutting or shaving mens hair are built up over years of practice, Chris started at  Toni and Guy, completing an apprenticeship when he was 16, which lasted for three years.

Now, getting into the mind of a hair dresser can be one way to fill up the time but it’s worth asking those questions everyone is guilty of asking that all hair stylists get asked daily but are we all clued up on what works or whats on trend?! Chris admits getting regularly asked about products and what we think is the best and what is the most effective at that time for many different hair types and textures. “I constantly get asked what is on-trend and I get asked how long I’ve been doing it a lot. People love to love how long you’ve been hairdressing. I think the most asked question for me personally is what do I love doing the most which is, mens hair!”

Getting the most out of your hair cut appointment is always key but, when you’re home you don’t have the skilled hands of your hair stylist to fix your hair 24/7. So I asked Chris, what should ALL men have in their kits at home? Chris has one product that he swore by, “Sea salt spray, everyone should have sea salt spray. It’s my number one go to product in the salon and it just works every time. There’s nothing you can’t do with it. You can blowdry with it to create a loose soft texture or you can add more in wet or dry to create more of a denser courser texture in the hair. It’s one of those products that I always go to when I don’t know what to use”.

Many men go with what they know and rarely go outside their comfort zone, Chris has to know the on trend hair styles for men who come into the salon who aren’t aware. “I’m loving seeing big quiffs with really soft partings in that just are just loosely blow dried and it’s cut to perfection that it just falls in every time. I love seeing loads of length, really square hairdressing, none of this cutting the corners off it really feminised the haircut. It’s no good for a mans haircut”.

As we all know a good or bad haircut can totally change your look, sometimes for better or worse in some cases. Skilled hair stylists should know what suits a face shape, Chris tells me how he approaches this, “All I do is, sounds a bit creepy, I stare at them, I just stare as their talking and telling me what they want with their hair. I’m already 20% listening, I’m looking and I just kind of take over and do my thing and its worked. I’ve got quite a large male clientele, they love what I do and they come to me and I tell them what they should have. Nine times out of ten it works”.

In a nation of men, there is such a divide in mens attitudes towards how long they should wait to get their hair cut, to put this to the test, I asked Chris on average how long should men wait to get their hair cut? “I have gents that come in every week, I have gents that come in every two weeks and I’ve got gents that come in every six months. It’s absolutely down to personal preference. If they want a skin fade, which is really in fashion at the moment they need to come in every week. As a skin fade literally has to be skin to hair and mens hair grows twice the rate of women’s so they have to come back sooner and hence the price difference between ladies and mens haircuts. For a general scissor cut I would say 4-6 weeks, it depends really its down to the individual”.

Aside from hair cuts, beards are big news for 2017. Nearly everyone has one, or if they haven’t, it is probably because they can’t grow one. Chris advised, “I would defiantly keep it in shape, loads of men just let them grow and its these corners which make it look really out of shape and it distorts your face shape aswell. The thicker, coarser beards, you want to use the balms, bees-wax, oil based. Tea tree and peppermint oils aswell, which are nice for shaving. Keep it trimmed, keep it in shape, keep it neat around the mouth, its disgusting when you eat and get food all over it”.

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