What to do when you’re single on Valentines Day

Valentines day is usually a day filled with over priced red roses and OTT couples on social media showing their undying love for each other, if this alone is not a pro from Valentines day, we have rounded up three ideas for you singletons to make you enjoy this day and to make sure you don’t drunk dial your ex.

Treat Yo’ Self – Book yourself into a spa, we won’t tell if you don’t. This might be a prospect that you’ve never thought of but believe me you’ll feel like a new man. Groupon is the king of spa deals, you can look online and also download the app.

Party Time – Host a party with all your single friends, may sound sad at first but group together and head to the supermarket for your drink supplies. If you’re needing some inspiration, head over to The Tipsy Bartender on Facebook. They produce drink inspiration videos that will defiantly include your favourite tipple.

Chill Out – This could be the one night when your close the curtains and totally chill out alone, ring for take-away and not feel guilty to binge watch an entire season of that series you’ve been dying to watch.

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