10 Tech gadgets you need this year!

Technology is a bit like the British weather, it’s always changing. It’s a good thing though, technology is changing our lives as we know and sometimes making our lives a lot easier too.

As the new year comes in, over at Majestic Man we’ve rounded up the top ten tech gadgets you need this year. It was a hard one but someones gotta do it…

Dreams do come true with this pillow, with technology that promises a cold side of the pillow feeling all night long, with pads inside the pillow that create the optimum pillow temperature which helps you sleep better and wake up more easily by gently warming the pillow. Can this get any better I hear you shout? Yes, yes it does. You can also accurately record your sleep data – beats having to sleep with your phone under the pillow to keep track of your snooze time. You can pre-order it now over at Moona.

We’re into the first month of 2017 and it’s still Baltic up north but fear not, we’ve found the ultimate pair of gloves. Us northerners are known for our hard man persona, these gloves are changing the game. These Mujjo touchscreen gloves, you guessed it, lets us men look manly as hell and lets you check your phone, winner. The gloves are made of wool, with minuscule silicone dots providing the grip. They’re for sale now from £24 via Mujjo.

In the month of detoxing and dieting, we all promise ourselves we’re going to either head to the gym or clean up our diet. Fitbit have introduced their Blaze, in the world of getting fit, this records everything, including steps, heart rate, sleep and floors climbed. It also has a multi-sport function designed to track specifics related to types of workouts and it automatically recognises when you’re exercising versus just walking. It looks pretty dapper too, prices start from £125. Buy now from Amazon.

Looking to kit out your study, workshop or studio? This is the answer, Thanks to a 3.5inch sub base driver and two mid/treble drivers and there’s full Wi-Fi multi-room connectivity controllable via an iPhone and Android app. Quality for a quantity price at £99, buy now over Jam Audio.

Wanting to upgrade your laptop for the new year? Look no further, Apple MAC new MacBook is a pretty damn special. The latest release includes the Touch Bar which Apple has ditched the laptop’s function keys, replacing them with a retina display Touch Bar. This thin strip, which sits above the keyboard, will display customisable function keys that adapt to the program in use. It also includes an updated keyboard still available in the 13 and 15 inch sizes, it will be the thinnest and lightest MacBook with an all-metal design too. From £1,749 via Apple.

Always snapping pictures of places and faces and never get any printed out? Polaroids new snap instant prints out your photos like classic Polaroid but doesn’t require ink thanks to digital imaging, hell yes to the future. Small and compact for the price of £64 via Polaroid.

A new wave of gaming is now here, Playstation VR virtual reality is out now adding to the latest member of the PS4 family, whatever PS4 console you own, you’re PS VR ready; connect the headset to your PS4, add a Playstation Camera and leave reality behind. An ultimate present to yourself, buy now for £349.99 via Playstation.

This next one is for all the creative minds that are always after the next big thing to let their ideas out. The CoLiDo 3D printing pen is made for creating work desk figures, portable, eco-friendly and has a auto-retract nozzle (no-one wants to touch a hot nozzle). Perfect for gifting or for yourself, buy now for £79.99 via The Discovery Store.

Smart phones are the future with ever-changing upgrades with mould our lives, this tech gadget is perfect for getting mates round without worrying about having a sky box. The Elephas Cube is an incredible little gadget that allows you to project your mobile phone. Just connect your smart phone to the cube, and you’re able to view Netflix, YouTube videos, games, pictures and more right on a nearby wall. Its size and weight make it perfect for travelling, buy now for £59.99 via Amazon.

Last one is from Griffin, a popular brand announced a bunch of smart household gadgets that can make your day from zero to hero: they’ve announced a connected toaster, a connected coffee machine, and a connected mirror for the bathroom. All of these devices can be operated via your smart phone, and remember your preferences so you get a perfect cup of coffee or a perfect slice of toast every time, now that is something else. The Connected Toaster and Coffee Maker will be priced at around £80 and will be available late 2017.

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