Five steps to Winter Styling

Oliver Hayes, an award-winning member of Woven is here at Majestic Man letting us in for the best five steps to achieve winter style to a T.

  1. The suit, what’s on trend?

At the moment, double-breasted is on trend, looks really cool and a bit different with a turn up on your trouser. You can even wear a nice waistcoat under too so when you take your jacket off; you’ve got more layering underneath.


  1. Shirt, what will go with every suit?

I would go with a plain shirt as you don’t want to go too complicated, if you’ve got a plain suit you could mix it up with a pattern shirt, a gingham or a paisley to liven up the suit.


  1. The accessories? Tie, cufflinks etc?

Knitted ties are very on-trend at the moment; they look really nice especially with the suits with the tweeds and the heavier wools. Pocket squares are a really nice touch also adding cufflinks is entirely up to the customers taste, you can get novelty cufflinks or you can go with a classic plain black or silver.


  1. Shoes, what shoe will last the season?

The brogues are always on trend, they always go really nice with suits but if you want something a bit different you’ve got the brogues with the tweeds and different leathers on them, they always look nice with trousers and jeans if you want to look a bit different this winter.


  1. What’s the must-have accessory such as, hold all, wallet etc?

A big hold all always suits any look really well, such as good quality leather one as it keeps it’s shape really well, you can fit so much in. Wallets, the list is endless such as the ‘Secrid’ wallet, which protects you from being scammed and works as novelty little wallet where your cards flick up.

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