The woman behind your tailored looks!

Emma Turnbull, one of the talented bunch at Woven, Durham is exclusively interviewed by Majestic Man letting us in delve into her insider styling tips for all men.

Six years of experience in fashion and counting, Emma Turnbull is leading the men into the 21st century with her classic taste in fashion and her personal touch which brings an elegant touch to the complete look. This woman knows her stuff, so we thought at Majestic Man HQ, we would get an insight on her exciting job and find out whats new, on-trend and here to stay for men.

Hello Emma, working at Woven must be an exciting job with working with North East magazines to being voted for retailers awards, what’s your favourite thing about working at Woven?

Woven is great as it’s an independent business so I get to do little bits of everything in the industry, I really like styling and we get to work with magazines in the north. I enjoy working with the customers, to create looks for weddings, for their big day.

You’ve must of gained a lot of knowledge about mens styling, what’s your best styling tip for men?

It’s all about the accessories, they can completely change an outfit, even if you wear the same suit if you change-up your accessories then you make a complete different look.

For readers in the age range of 21-30, what suits are on-trend for this season?

With it being the winter season, wool suits are in. Tweed is quite a big look at the minute to get the English heritage style. A lot of boys are doing the mix and match sort of thing so they wear a wool blazer with chinos or jeans with a shirts and brogues.

Suit’s are tricky to get right, what are the must haves to complete a tailored look?

With a tailored look you want something that fits on the shoulders and pretty much everything else can be altered. Quite a lot of guys at the minute are getting their trousers even more tailored so they’re pretty much skin-tight but it’s a quite, sharp, slick look going around at the minute.

Occasions pop up through out the year, what types of suits would you suggest for these occasions?

  • Job Interview? With a job interview you want something a little more basic, so like a block colour rather than something too out there, unless you’re going for a job in fashion you might want to jazz it up a little bit
  • Business Meeting? Depending on who’s it with, if it’s with a client you obviously want to make a good impression so you need to make sure all of the shapes and silhouettes are on point!
  • Dinner with the girlfriend? Dinner with a girlfriend, I would probably go for more of a mix and match sort of look, so might not necessarily wear a full suit. I would defiantly still stick to a smart shirt and a pair of brogues.


If a man was to buy a pair of shoes to last the season and to go with any suit, what shoe would you suggest?

Tan brogues, defiantly! Their a style staple, they go with pretty much everything from jeans to grey and even blue suits.

What’s the biggest mix conception, men have about suits?

A lot of guys we in think there not a stereotypical suit size, but they don’t realise we can get different fits in for them, in Woven we try to stock a range of different brands that fit all body shapes. From the gym boys to larger men who may not stay in shape and feel they might not be the right size for a tailored suit.

As a women, what would you like to see men wear more?

I like the whole tweed look, so with a blazer, you can’t really go wrong with it to be honest. Whether you’re wearing it with chinos or jeans, That’s a look I would like to see more men wear!

Woven is a stylish destination for any man, what pieces should men invest in for the winter season ahead?

You always need a good wool coat, we have a few in-store at the minute that are more statement pieces which are good for jazzing up your wardrobe, even though winter is a quite dull time of year but we also like them with a silk paisley scarf as well to add that extra touch.

As a stylish designer suit can be expensive, Woven offer a hire out service, what are the options?

Here at Woven we do a range of suits that are suitable for all budgets, we get a style of suits in from about £150 for a three-piece which is quite good value of money when it comes to looking stylish. Our suits go up to about £500 in store and we also to a made to measure service, which starts at £500 as well, made-to-measure are very popular with a lot of the younger guys who want something that they’ve seen in GQ or on the telly. We also have suits in the hire that start from about £69 and with that you get everything included from the shirt to the cufflinks and shoes.

As you manage the marketing and sales, what statistics have you seen online in terms of people’s buying habits, anything became really popular?

I think when you’re buying online, especially for men it’s quite hard to buy a suit as you need to know the fits and the styles, you have to try it on. We’re selling a lot of pocket squares and label pins and accessories.

As people are buying online more from Woven or is the shopping experience still popular?

I think people who know the shop, come in for the customer service, we’ve won quite a few awards for it but we enjoy making an experience rather than going in the shop and buying. We tailor the experience, sit you down get you a coffee and make it more of a relaxed atmosphere for men to shop in.

Man in need of some styling advice?

Ring up to make an appointment with Emma for that special event to casual weekend wear.



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